Raising up prayer laborers for South Asia through prayer cells around the world

Why the name “Breakthrough”?

The dictionary defines “breakthrough” as a decisive victory after a period of struggle.  In Luke 18 Jesus gives the parable of the persistent widow which perfectly illustrates this concept.  Although the word “breakthrough” is not used in this passage, the idea is definitely there.  The widow persisted through difficulties until she got her breakthrough, and this is our model of prayer.

This is the kind of prayer it will take to break through to the hearts of South Asian Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists!  Do you have breakthrough power in your prayer?

Breakthrough Prayer Cells have ten special features that set us apart from other kinds of prayer meetings or groups.  Many groups may have some of these features, but these ten features will be true of all Breakthrough Prayer Cells.  Together we will trust God for great spiritual breakthroughs among the South Asians of the world!

Ten Distinctives of Breakthrough Prayer Cells

  • We are focused on South Asia.  The whole world needs prayer, but we have a special calling to focus on South Asian peoples and their needs around the world - from your Hindu neighbor to the Sri Lankan community in Toronto - any South Asian individual or group or country you are concerned with.
  • We are evangelistic. Our prayers support the aim of introducing the lost to Christ.
  • Quarterly special events, such as prayer conferences, prayer walks, and outreaches, will add momentum and excitement to our prayer labors.
  • We promote spiritual growth for our members.  Every member of a Breakthrough prayer cell will receive intercessory training called “Strengthening Your Prayer Skills” (SYPS).  Those completing the six lessons are designated “Prayer Laborers.”
  • Prayer Laborers may be selected to become Prayer Trainers who conduct SYPS for other Breakthrough prayer cells.
  • We pray positively.  We pray “for” not “against” people and their needs.  We avoid vocabulary and attitudes in our prayers that reflect a militant, critical, or negative mindset.
  • We are interdenominational, we are not a function of any one local church, but a gathering of diverse members of the Body of Christ.  Any Christian of any background is welcome.
  • We support Naya Jeevan, its staff and programs, in prayer, as the “parent” ministry of Breakthrough
  • We provide Google Earth virtual prayer journeys and other materials as resources for Breakthrough prayer cells.
  • We are biblical and pledge to maintain a holy lifestyle. Sin harbored in the heart blocks prayers.

You can start a Breakthrough Prayer Cell!


 A Breakthrough prayer cell can be a men’s or women’s group, or mixed.  It can  meet monthly, twice a month, or weekly.  The day and time of the week is up to you.  To receive more information and inquire about starting a Breakthrough prayer cell,    write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..