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Many evangelism seminars on reaching "false religions and cults" are very negative: "Here's what they believe, here's how to defeat it from the Bible, now go and witness."  In "Love Your Neighbor," we focus on building positive and respectful attitudes along with practical, crucial witnessing skills.  As a result, you will be well-prepared to share the message of Christ in the context of a friendly conversation and ongoing relationship.
seminar notebook Main lesson titles:
  • Why Love Your Neighbor?
  • The Pizza
  • Crucial Skills in Witnessing:
    • Asking, Listening, Sharing
    • Unlearning "Christianese"
    • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Who Thinks What about Whom
  • The ABCDs of Going
  • The Power of Story
  • Following Up Seekers and New Believers
  • Strategies That Work, Tools That Build Confidence
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In-Person Seminar Schedule: The seminar is about 10 hours of interactive teaching.  More than lecture, we employ small group discussion, demonstration and two-by-two practice, relevant video clips, and a field trip to a local Hindu temple whenever possible (field trip is an extra 1-2 hours). Choose from these schedules:
  • All day Saturday and half day Sunday afternoon or evening (12 hours total including field trip)
  • Friday evening plus all day Saturday (12 hours including field trip)
  • Concentrated full day Saturday (10 hours, no field trip)
  • Two half-Saturdays (6 hours each, field trip included)

Live Online Webinar Schedule: 12 hours interactive teaching plus a small amount of homework and temple field trip when possible. Usual schedule is 4 hours spread over three consecutive Saturdays. Other schedules can be arranged according to your group's convenience, wherever you are in the world. 

Cost: $25 per person for notebook; additional costs for in-person seminar may include lunch and snacks, usually arranged by hosting group.

To book Love Your Neighbor for your church or group (minimum 10 participants):

  • For Africa, contact Harsh Gudka at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • For South Asia, contact Abhik Bhanja at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For North America and other areas, contact Cathy Douglass at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Upcoming Love Your Neighbor seminars:


July 29 and August 5, 2017, 11:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern US time each day. Must attend both days for complete webinar. Register at http://tinyurl.com/jul2017


Lucknow, India 17-19 September 2017 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire.


Teacher: Mrs. Cathy Douglass (and associate trainers)

Author and Trainer: Mrs. Cathy Douglass

Cathy Douglass and her husband have been staff members of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) since 1978.  They spent 21 years as missionaries in Kenya. Cathy has been reaching South Asians in Kenya and US, and in South Asia through internet and mission trips, since 1993.  She has traveled extensively in India, South Asia, and many other countries.  To understand South Asian religions, she has read the Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Adi Granth, and many other South Asian books and authors.  She started Naya Jeevan as a project of Campus Crusade in 2003, to help mobilize Christians in North America to reach South Asians at home and abroad. Her husband is also an associate trainer of LYN (his name and photo cannot be posted due to his ministry's security regulations).



Richard Lewis (USA): Richard moved with his family from Mumbai, India to the USA in 2007 with his wife and daughter. He works for a software company, however he maintains that his boss is a "Jewish carpenter". He considers his relationship with his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, as invaluable. Richard often sees himself as the Decapolis man who was told to “tell the world what the Lord has done for him”. Born in his sins yet saved by grace through the sovereign act of God, Richard is blessed to serve as a Gideon and witnesses as per the Lord's leading. He became a LYN trainer in 2015.


ShibuShibu Cherian (USA): Dr. Shibu Cherian is a LYN Trainer and an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God. He serves as the President of United in the WORD Ministries as well as the Senior Pastor of Carolinas Christian Assembly. He is a certified Chaplain, a Bible Teacher, and has a passion for teaching and mentoring. He is also a Premarital Counselor and is certified as a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator. He authors a daily Bible reading-meditation blog and his audio devotions and sermons are being aired daily on Christian radio.


Hash and Deepa Gudka, Associate Trainers for Africa; Hash is a lecturer with the International Leadership University in Nairobi, Kenya, teaching Bible and theology  at the undergraduate level. Among other related subjects, he also teaches a course in Major World Religions. Hash has traveled in UK, North America, India, and many countries of Africa and Asia, sharing his story of faith in Christ, the message of salvation, and training Christians to be more effective in sharing Christ's love to their Asian neighbors. Hash and Deepa have two children. Deepa also comes from a Jain background and came to know Christ through friendship with Cathy Douglass in 1996.   She is passionate about mentoring and discipling South Asians, particularly women, to realize their true potential through a God honoring life. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Counseling Psychology at the International Leadership University in Nairobi. She has served as an associate staff with Cru since 2009. Together Hash and Deepa desire to equip more Christians to sensitively share the love of Christ with their Hindu friends and neighbors. 


Danny and Cheryl Walker: Danny & Cheryl serve people from India and Nepal.  The majority of their experience is with Nepali Bhutanese refugees in Central Ohio. They also have experience serving students and families from India. They are familiar with the values and struggles of South Asian peoples here in USA.  Danny grew up in Japan. For more than 35 years he has served as a pastor, counselor and discipler with Xenos Christian Fellowship; he continues to learn and build relationships locally and globally for the kingdom of God. Cheryl is a retired teacher.  She has mentored Hindu and Buddhist background women who have become strong servants of Lord Jesus. This couple enjoys meeting people, building friendships and sharing Lord Jesus. The Walkers have been married over 30 years. They have traveled to India, Nepal and Cambodia to learn about these fascinating cultures, countries and peoples.


Sri Purohit: Sri Purohith, from an orthodox Hindu family, heard the voice of God through two scriptures (Phil 4:13 & Rom 8:31) in a Mumbai train station in 1990 and since then became an ardent follower of Jesus Christ. He is a software engineer by profession and trained in Biblical Studies (Moody Bible Institute) and has a master degree in business. He became a LYN trainer in 2015.



Walt and Katie Tucker: Walt & Katie serve the Lord Jesus as missionaries in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina where there is a very high density of people from India. They visit various parts of India nearly every year to conduct pastor and discipleship training. They are involved weekly with a S. Asian fellowship of Christ followers, with one on one and small group discipleship, and are at the starting phase of developing a network of house churches. Walt, an ordained Pastor, is also an engineer in the Research Triangle with a degree in physics from MIT. Katie is a Clinical Director at a chiropractic office where she meets S. Asians every day. The Tuckers have been married for thirty years and have two grown daughters and a granddaughter.


Billy Oyugi (Kenya), Navigators missionary

Biman Majumdar (India), church planter, Leadership Building Coalition

Abhik Bhanja (India), church planter, Leadership Building Coalition

Ujjwal and Priya Deb (India) Campus Crusade for Christ missionaries

Harish Patel, London, UK


What do participants say about "Love Your Neighbor"?

Excellent! Very well done! Helpful, informative & very knowledgable. - Dr. Brent Burdick, Gordon Conwell Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina

Excellent course! Thank you for the multiple resources! This will also help in reaching out to non-Hindus as well.- Pastor Mike Warfel, Charlotte, North Carolina

I thought this training was extremely helpful. I didn't know much about Hinduism before and I feel much equipped to reach out to Hindus after learning more about their religion through this training. It was excellent training at an affordable price. - Kendra Stanford, Richmond, Virginia

The most thorough training on relational evangelism I’ve received. -David, Raleigh, North Carolina

It’s like drinking from a firehose. You have done an excellent job and I’m thankful for all the resources.  I’m certain that I will use them. –Mark, Raleigh, North Carolina

LYN has changed the way i do ministry. Interacting with Hindu students and families is now more based on love and meaningful conversations. Many have come to the Lord after the LYN Training these past few months. - Ujjwal, Kolkata (a Christian worker and LYN trainer)

Coming from a traditional background this training helped me to connect with my Hindu neighbors with love and correct understanding from the Scriptures. -Joyjit, Kolkata

Coming from an Hindu background I was very insensitive before in dealing with my Hindu neighbors, but now I know how to win them with love. -Tapash, Kolkata

It was well researched and presented, with quality, relevant materials and lively interaction. - Pastor Sam Ninan, Lakeland, Florida

This seminar has given me a great insight in reaching out to Hindus. I am a born Hindu but converted Christian and I needed this. Dhruti, Dallas

This was practical and helpful in understanding the Hindu faith.  I was greatly inspired by your stories and I especially found the breakout sessions to be thought provoking.  –Judith, Raleigh, North Carolina

'Love your Neighbor' training is one of the very effective trainings I have ever attended. I came to know about it while I was looking for some resources to reach out to Hindus.  The promo video was so good that it motivated me to organize it for my church members here in Kolkata, so that they can effectively and sensitively reach out to their Hindu friends, relatives, and neighbors.  I found that this training has the capacity to help all the Christians to really relate with the worldview or mindset of Hindus and help them understand the Gospel in most friendly, non-threatening, and sensitive ways. The workshops conducted within the seminar, based on teaching sessions, are very effective.  I recommend this training to all the pastors and ministries in India to prepare them to 'Love their neighbor' in true sense. Pastor Biman Majumdar, Kolkata 

I appreciate the team-teaching. Good mix of teaching methods. Cathy and Hash were well prepared. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable and the notebook is helpful and organized. Hash added very helpful personal content and cultural explanations. Laura, Nairobi

Cathy and Harsh spoke out of their extensive life experience.  Their stories are so powerful!  I also appreciated the whole curriculum.  It was so helpful and informative.  I knew very little about Hindu belief or how to approach Hindu friends with the Gospel and I learned a lot.  Best of all, the class inspired us to be loving and respectful as we reach out and it taught us how to do that. Lydia, Nairobi

This ministry of reaching South Asians doesn’t have many such materials and we kind of struggle a lot.  So Cathy, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate this. Onyango, Nairobi

I was surprised to see that Cathy is an American, teaching how to evangelise among Hindus.  But her understanding of Indian culture, their thinking process, and her strategies to approach are perfect. Gangadhar, Tennessee

I have rarely been so touched, convicted, and equipped in 42 years of ministry as I have been this weekend in your classes.... I have floundered around for a year now trying to discover how to help these [Hindu Bhutanese] refugees effectively.... I have gone from hopelessness... to a place of hope because of these classes.  I know that this has been a turning point in my life. Pastor Jimmy Gallagher, Dallas


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