Naya Jeevan
A project of Cru offering strategies, resources, and training to help reach South Asians for Christ
 Our Purpose

To glorify God by bringing the Gospel to South Asians in North America.

Our Mission

The mission of Naya Jeevan is to develop a spiritual movement among Hindus and other South Asians in North America through direct personal ministry by our field staff and volunteers; and to mobilize Christians to be involved in this movement, by offering effective strategies, resources, and trainings.

Our Vision

We envision every major city having worshipping communities of

Hindu Background Believers following Christ; every major city having effective, fully resourced ministries to South Asians; American Christians perceiving immigrants

with a warm, welcoming love in the name of Christ; and Hindus having a

positive and accurate view of Jesus and Christianity.

Our Values

·      Faith – to believe God for great things

·      Love – Good Samaritan, intentional love that overcomes the baggage of misconceptions and past errors

·      Respect for South Asian cultures and people

·      Wise and careful contextualization of gospel message