What is Breakthrough Prayer Strategy?

Breakthrough is the prayer strategy of Naya Jeevan ministry. Our goal is to raise up prayer laborers to intercede for South Asia (including the worldwide South Asian diaspora) and for Naya Jeevan as a ministry working among South Asians.

Why the name Breakthrough?

The dictionary defines “breakthrough” as a decisive victory after a period of struggle. In Luke 18 Jesus teaches the parable of the persistent widow that illustrates this concept. Although the word “breakthrough” is not used in this passage, the idea is definitely there. The widow persisted through a period of struggle until she got her decisive victory – justice in her case – and this is our model of prayer.

Why focus on South Asia?

Nearly HALF of the world’s remaining Unreached People Groups (2,329 groups) live in this region of seven countries, comprising 23% of the world’s population. 15.5 million Indians have moved abroad, the world’s largest diaspora population. This figure would double if you count second and third generation children of migrants. Sadly, South Asians abroad remain almost as unreached as they are in their home countries. They are still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus for the FIRST time! More encouraging is the fact that most South Asians have no objection to Jesus and welcome prayer in the name of Jesus. Many precious people trust Jesus as they experience His power and love exhibited through the lives of praying and caring Christian friends.


Every ministry needs a team of faithful laborers to uphold the work in prayer (Luke 10:2 ). Being a Breakthrough Prayer Laborer will help you focus intercession on South Asia (the countries and the peoples spread all over the world) and on Naya Jeevan ministry with resources, training, and events. We’ll also send you a Prayer Laborer Periodical once in a while to highlight prayer opportunities and resources.



To fuel your intercession and build your prayer life, we offer the Naya Jeevan Prayer Card – This printable card can fit in most Bibles as a handy guide to praying for Naya Jeevan and South Asia throughout the year. We also feature a different unreached South Asian people group as a Prayer Focus every year. Click on the picture for a printable soft copy, or write to nayajeevan@cru.org to request your FREE hard copies.

Recommended Prayer Resources list

A bibliography and list of the most highly recommended books, articles, and websites on prayer, drawn up by Shashi Jatiani, Breakthrough Coordinator, and Cathy Douglass, Naya Jeevan Director. Click here for the soft copy list.

Saturating Our Minds with the Word of God
When our lives are rooted in God’s Word, our prayers will be more in line with His will. Read about it here. 

Here are some Bible reading plans for individuals and families.

Take the Scripture Copying Challenge for your personal edification and to enhance intercession.


Intercessory prayer training
We encourage all Breakthrough Prayer Laborers – and all Christians! – to go through Strengthening Your Prayer Skills (SYPS) intercessory prayer seminar. Written by Dr. Shashidhar Jatiani, a Bible teacher and intercessor with more than 25 years’ ministry experience, SYPS will enlarge and deepen your prayer experience. The six-hour video series is enhanced by bonus features such as salvation testimonies and stories of prayer experiences by believers from various backgrounds. The manual is packed with graphics and resources; action points round out every session. We start with the basics of prayer, go deeper into the topics of intercession and spiritual warfare and end with practical tips to enliven your prayer life, and the application of prayer as an outreach tool in the South Asian context. However, SYPS is not for South Asians only! All believers will be blessed by this biblical teaching.

For a donation of any amount, you may receive a Vimeo link of the SYPS video teaching for streaming or downloading, or a set of 3 DVDs, plus a printed student manual, sent to your postal address.



Every September, we encourage believers to set aside two or more hours for a special personal retreat we call “Day with the Lord.” We provide a handbook with ideas and resources to make this time meaningful. The month is capped off by a one-hour online Concert of Prayer on the last Saturday of September. All Breakthrough prayer laborers, and even all Christians are encouraged to join in to uplift the name of Christ, worship, and intercede for their South Asian neighbors.
Current Handbook 
Previous Handbook


Here’s a sampling of comments:

[Breakthrough] gives us an opportunity to really focus and become involved in the community and see the results. I’d say go for it! Join the group and lend your prayers. –Prayer cell participant

I thank God for Breakthrough where we pray and see God answering these prayers. –Billy, prayer cell leader

I’ve been to a lot of Christian and Biblical classes, and this (Strengthening Your Prayer Skills) was the best I’ve been to. –Bob, SYPS participant

I loved how Shashi presented the concept of prayer… It made me so excited about going in and praying and just getting personal with God! –Liji, SYPS participant

Completely liberating! It’s going to be life-changing. –Debbie, SYPS participant

It was very exciting, the speaker was very clear, and I know you’re gonna love it too! –Hyesuk, SYPS participant

[I enjoyed] praying with people from so many different places in the globe and even around the USA. –Concert of Prayer participant

Prayers were passionate and sincere, Topics were good. –Concert of Prayer participant

My time was really peaceful. Praising, worshiping, and reading the Bible. –Day with the Lord participant

I thank you all for providing the hourly plans, they were very helpful and made me to experience the presence of Holy Spirit. –Day with the Lord participant

I really needed this motivation to have more precious time with God. I love praying, but most of the time I am praying for others. Since that day I am spending a different time with Him. –Day with the Lord participant