What is Love Your Neighbor?

Love Your Neighbor is a training aimed at equipping believers to love their Indian neighbors and share Jesus as GOOD NEWS in biblical, effective, and sensitive ways. 1 Peter 3:15 (NIV). Watch the promo video on the right. 

Why do we need Love Your Neighbor?

Many evangelism seminars aimed at witnessing to “cults” and “false religions” are negative and confrontational. Some contain mostly academic information about a religion with a little emphasis on practical skills or loving the individuals who are created in God’s image. There is too much dependence on memorizing a presentation or going through a booklet, while sharing spiritual truths in natural conversation is neglected. Love Your Neighbor, on the other hand, emphasizes relationship building, trust, respect, practical skills, and attracting our Indian friends to Jesus, the only true God, and Savior.

How is Love Your Neighbor offered?

1) As an in-person seminar On your request, a trainer will come to your location to teach your church or group. The full in-person seminar is 10 hours of teaching, plus a recommended (not required) field trip to a local temple. (Why visit a temple?) The seminar is usually spread out over one or two weekends or other schedules. See sample schedules here.

2) As a live-taught webinar, We also offer Love Your Neighbor as a live-taught webinar (i.e. not recorded). Webinars are 12 hours and include light assignments and also a recommended temple field trip. Any group may request a webinar to be scheduled at their convenience. We also schedule webinars on North America time about twice a year. They are usually spread over 2-6 days.

NOTE: We are trusting God to record a live Love Your Neighbor seminar soon. This will become an interactive, self-paced video course available around the world. Please pray with us for this to become reality soon! 

Is it all lecture for 10 hours?

Love Your Neighbor features lively interactive teaching, discussions, breakout groups, videos, slides, demonstrations and practices. The notebook is packed with resources and additional materials are usually available on a donation basis. Action points round out every session and strategies for implementation cap off the whole training. A trainer is available to coach you or your group after the training is over. Have a look at our sessions.

Do you offer any shorter seminars or workshops?

Shorter in-person seminars of 6-10 hours can be arranged as well, though we strongly recommend the full 10 hours. We also offer workshops of 30 minutes to 3 hours, based on focused topics from LYN. Bottom line is, we will work with you to meet your needs. Sample workshop topics and schedules.

How do I bring LYN seminar to my city or church?

Contact the Naya Jeevan office at +1 469-217-9264 (US Central time) or nayajeevan@cru.org to let us know of your interest and we’ll work with you to plan your event. Holding an in-person seminar requires a local organizer or host to make various arrangements. Here’s a detailed look at what’s involved for the host.

What if I just want to take LYN but not organize a training?

Ask us to put you on the mailing list to be notified when a webinar is coming up, or when there will be a seminar in your area organized by someone else. And pray for the day when the recorded LYN video will be ready! Sign up for the mailing list here.

How much does it cost?

At this time we ask only $30 per notebook, whether seminar or webinar, in North America. Local seminars may also add a charge (usually $5-$15 per person) to cover food, depending on schedule. Trainers are missionaries and volunteers who offer their time freely. We accept – but do not require – donations to cover travel and accommodation costs. Costs in other countries are locally determined.

Who wrote Love Your Neighbor and who teaches it?

Love Your Neighbor is written by Mrs. Cathy Douglass, a missionary with 40 years’ experience serving with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) (read her profile). A team of more than 20 qualified LYN trainers around the US and in India, UK, Australia, and Kenya, stand ready to teach your church or group. Meet the trainers here.

 What do people say about Love Your Neighbor?

Here’s a sampling of comments, besides the ones at the top of this page – and check out the video testimonies at the right:

I have rarely been so touched, convicted, and equipped in 42 years of ministry as I have been this weekend in your classes…. I have floundered around for a year now trying to discover how to help [Hindu Bhutanese] refugees effectively…. I have gone from hopelessness… to a place of hope because of these classes. I know that this has been a turning point in my life. -Pastor Jimmy Gallagher, Dallas

Well organized, informative, challenging seminar. -Pastor Sabu Varghese, Philadelphia

The seminar was very informative and productive and for me the day and time were spent well! Though we grew up among Hindus and have rubbed our shoulders with many of them, we lack the needed skills, wisdom and discernment to introduce them to Christ! –Fairly, Delaware

 I used to think that Hindus and Muslims were our enemies, but in LYN training I learnt they are our neighbours and I can spread the gospel among them. -Lunkholen, Shillong, India

Read more comments from participants.

Do you offer anything for free?

Glad you asked!

“Introducing Jesus” – Get a sampling of Love Your Neighbor with this series of three 6-minute video lessons taught by associate trainer Richard Lewis from Mumbai. Download or stream it along with the discussion questions for your adult Sunday school, youth group, church retreat, Bible study group, etc. Stimulate interest in sharing the Good News of Jesus through this thought-provoking short teaching series. Click on picture at right. Link to PDF discussion questions

“Ten Tips for Sharing Christ” – One-hour video workshop taught by Cathy Douglass, condensed from Love Your Neighbor

“Crucial Skills in Witnessing to our South Asian Neighbors” – This short booklet also distills principles from Love Your Neighbor. Practical and easy-to-read, it also includes a concise Recommended Reading list for further study. Request hard copy by emailing nayajeevan@cru.org.

Recommended Reading list with books, websites, and other resources on the main South Asian religions

Two one-hour recorded webinars called “Connecting With Indians.”

“Handling the Hindu Tolerance Conversation Stopper” – A 12-minute video demonstrating a good response to “All religions teach the same thing.”

Christianity: A “Barrier” to Jesus? – Audio file workshop taught by Cathy Douglass; What is the barrier, how to deconstruct it, how to introduce your friends to Jesus.