Naya Jeevan Recommended Video Resources List

TypeNameDescription & UseHow to Get
Christian short filmsGlobal Short Film NetworkShort films from 3 to 15 min long, “visual parables,” thought provoking, basis for spiritual conversations potentially leading to gospel presentations; website includes ideas and training for use; use for evangelism with friends and spontaneous opportunities, youth
Most recommended titles: The Light of Darkness; La Liberte, The Limited, Venia, and many more; Marea needs no translation and is specially recommended for evangelism in South Asia itself
Jesus Film productsIndividual scenesUse for evangelism with friends and spontaneous opportunitiesDownload the free Jesus Film app
Jesus Film productsDays with JesusScenes grouped around themes, followed by oral and visual discussion questions; use for seekers or new believersJesus Film app or
Jesus Film productsFollowing Jesus – IndiaFive 18-minute story films set in a village, designed to teach basic concepts of discipleship; use with seekers or new believers; printed discussion guides availableJesus Film app or; printed discussion guides from
Testimony videos – CruCru Legacy VideosHundreds of veteran Cru missionaries share faith testimonies and inspirational life lessons, dramatic or touching; suitable for Sunday school, youth, adults, sermon illustrations, family times, etc.Go to YouTube and search Cru Legacy, then subscribe; you can search by staff member’s name if you know anyone; John and Cathy Douglass have several videos out
Testimony videos – Naya JeevanNaya Jeevan YouTube channelDozens of testimonies shared by believers impacted by Love Your Neighbor training; salvation testimonies; stories of faithful intercession to build your faith; use for personal or group encouragement, to reinforce LYN principles, in adult Bible studies, prayer meetings, retreats, youth, etc.To access this private channel to stream any or all videos, write to to request the channel link.
TrainingsIntroducing JesusThree 6-minute teachings condensed from Love Your Neighbor taught by Indian LYN trainer; discussion questions included; use with adult or youth loveyourneighbor/
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TrainingsConnecting with Indians; Handling the Tolerance Conversation Stopper; Christianity: A “Barrier” to Jesus?Various video and audio evangelism
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TrainingsTen Tips to Sharing ChristOne-hour video workshop condensed from Love Your Neighbor taught by Cathy
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TrainingsStrengthening Your Prayer SkillsSix-hour video teaching on intercessory prayer written and taught by Dr Shashi Jatiani; available on DVD with spiral bound manual or stream/download from internet with PDF manual; use for prayer meetings, retreats, personal devotional material, etc.For a donation of any amount, Naya Jeevan will send you the link with password or DVD set; donate at; email with address to request DVD set.
Bible TeachingWhat Does It Mean to Believe?45-minute Zoom message by Cathy Douglass from Acts 16:16-34